Susan Thrasher

At times in our lives, as a result of childhood experiences or due to life circumstances, we can find ourselves feeling “stuck.”  We try everything in our power to change things, but nothing seems to work.  We can feel alone, helpless, depressed, anxious, or angry.  It is often at this point that courageous people turn to therapy.  This, indeed, is the very purpose of therapy; to help people work through feeling “stuck”, to appreciate the world they live in, and to ultimately value themselves.

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist with over 25 years experience in private practice, working with children, adolescents, and adults.  I have two special areas of focus: (1) helping children develop an appreciation for who they are, navigate through life’s problems, and learn healthy coping skills (2) assisting adults who have experienced trauma in their childhood/adolescent years process their experiences, recover, and heal the child within. My therapy style is flexible, drawing from various theoretical orientations depending on the client’s needs.  I strongly believe that open communication and trust between the therapist and the client is essential, and that therapy is empowering and nonjudgmental.