Therapy is the courageous process of self-examination, involving taking responsibility for our choices, changing unhealthy patterns of behaviors, and ultimately creating a life that is more congruent with our desires and values.  Through this self-awareness, we are then able to become active participants in our lives, rather than being passive victims of our circumstances. By accepting responsibility for the choices we make, we gain the freedom and power that leads to a life filled with meaning, autonomy, self-respect and personal integrity.

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with over 15 years of experience working with individuals and couples.  I am especially interested in helping adults identify and recognize unhealthy relationship patterns, change their maladaptive thoughts and behaviors, and subsequently disentangle themselves from destructive and conflicted relationships. I’ve had the privilege of seeing clients become mindful of past dysfunctional patterns, create new healthy connections, and make meaningful and enduring changes in their lives. My therapy style is flexible, calm, and empowering, drawing from various therapeutic orientations, including psychodynamic, and cognitive behavioral modalities.

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